About Us

Shop Twelve Twenty-Nine:

A Look Inside Our Inspiration

Shop Twelve Twenty-Nine was founded with the incredible passion to present truly spectacular one-of-a-kind creations that are handmade with high-quality materials. Our dream was to build a beautiful online catalog that consists of unique apparel, jewelry, and accessories that exude a look of ultimate glamour with effortless wearability.

Each hand-selected item on our website is tailored toward the woman who seeks modern luxury.

Our Mission:

Empowering Women Through Stylistic Visions

We desire to present show-stopping apparel and accessories with striking concepts that are perfectly suited for the woman that leads a busy life.

For the woman who wants to make a bold statement in style and leave a long-lasting impression through her confident approach to every day.

For the woman who wants nothing but the best for herself and strives for the finer things.

Shop our stunning lines of clothing, jewelry, handbags, and accessories and amplify your distinctive style by adding a pop of shine and sparkle that are always incorporated into our incredible designs.

A Showcase of Luxe Styles:

Welcome To Our World of Glamour

Our inspiration draws from the desire to curate a premier collection that showcases a contemporary street meets chic vibe with a touch of mystique. Each piece we include in our collections is always on the cutting edge of fashion with graceful femininity.

Shop Twelve Twenty-Nine. Your source for mesmerizing pieces that stay on the cutting edge of high fashion with an essence of urban appeal.